Why choose Travel Girls?

There are a number of companionship agencies operating in the Slovak market. What makes our agency so special that you should consider us a partner?

Travel Girls is managed by a group of people who have many years experience with connecting wealthy and respectable gentlemen with discreet, flexible and friendly women companions. We have seen all the potential problems, and we know how to advertise to find the best clients. Together, this experience helps us to create the most stress-free, fun and profitable companionship arrangements possible.

We care about our companions above all else. Partly because it is the moral and correct thing to do, and partly because it makes good business sense. It makes no sense for us to waste time trying to persuade a great lady to join our agency and then send her on a date with a rude and uncultured gentleman who will not properly appreciate you. We would expect that if we did that, you would not want to work with us again, and certainly not recommend us to her friends!

At Travel Girls, we like to get to know each lady to ensure that they are really suitable for this job in general, and also to know how they will fit in with each particular client or situation. Everybody is different, and what might be the trip of a lifetime for one person might be the holiday nightmare for someone else. So we will listen to you, and encourage you to communicate your needs, desires and limits to us as clearly as possible.

At the same time, we also get to know our clients as well as possible, to understand their companionship needs. That way, we will not send you unprepared to a situation where you will not be comfortable.

To find clients, we network constantly, to ensure that we meet the most respectable gentlemen around. To do this, we of course use the internet channel, but we also believe very much in contacts, and that it is better to find a trustworthy client who is recommended by an existing customer, than someone who is completely unknown to us. This allows us to get access to the very high level of VIPs, who value discretion above all else.

Travel Girls should be the first companionship agency you choose when you want to enjoy the most luxurious dates with the best gentlemen, and want the support of a caring and responsible management.



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