What men look for in a companion

Many ladies ask us what men are looking for in a VIP companion. The answers often surprise them! Read on to see what our clients are looking for in their dream date.

First of all, our clients come from the wealthiest and most respectable sections of society, and they need to maintain their position. For this reason, the number one priority our clients demand of a travel girl is discretion. They cannot have a girl who will make a scene and bring the wrong attention to the situation. Therefore the role of a travel girl requires a sensible and thoughtful approach.

Secondly, a travel girl is required to be friendly. Many women make the mistake that men are only interested in how a girl looks, and that she should be as unpleasant and ‘hard to get’ as possible, in order to maximize her perceived self-worth. I am sure you have seen such girls in clubs! But this is not the characteristic of an elite travel girl. Instead, you need to make your client feel as good about themselves as possible, and this means listening, laughing and fully engaging with them.

Thirdly, flexibility is key. A travel girl will be expected to travel to different places, meet different people and enjoy different experiences and cultures, sometimes with only a day’s notice. You might be expected to help out on a yacht on the Adriatic one week, and enjoy a desert safari Dubai the next. It sounds like fun, but it is not for everyone. But if you like to learn new things, are not afraid of new experiences, and have a stable, happy personality, then it can be worthwhile.

Lastly, a good appearance that is healthy and well-groomed is important. You may have though this would be the most important, but no. Our clients wish for a friendly, discreet and flexible companion first, and good looks second. But, you must also look good! You must enjoy and take pride in your appearance, and know how to stay on that fine line between sexy and discreet.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a Travel Girl? If so, we look forward to hearing from you!

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