Welcome to Travel Girls. We are a responsible and luxury companionship agency that matches beautiful and charming women with respectable and generous gentlemen.

Luxury Lifestyle

Enjoy the kind of 5-star lifestyle that you have been dreaming about. Hotels, restaurants and travel will be the best.

World Travel

See the most incredible destinations in the world, from the greatest cities of culture and shopping, to beach and ski resorts to exotic locations.

Great Earnings

As an international travel companion, you will have the possibility to earn the kinds of money that will make for a very good lifestyle.

Meet New People

You will constantly be meeting and getting to know men of class and distinction, and together enjoy a life of luxury and fun.

Improve Languages

As you travel to different countries and meet different people, you will have the chance to improve your language skills.

Have Fun

With a life of fun, travel and luxury, you will have a lot of fun meeting new and interesting people as a VIP companion.

I don’t pay them to sleep with me. I pay them to leave the next morning.

– Charlie Sheen

Recent News

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What men look for in a companion

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Why Choose Travel Girls?

Why choose Travel Girls?

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